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Just wondering, where exactly did push technology disappear too. Or rather, why has it not decided to appear?

Sure push email is great, for the limited few places it seems to exist and sometimes work. What I want to know though, is why doesn't push exist for things like RSS feeds. Large common services provided that people resort to making a web call every 5 minutes just to see if anything new happened. One would imagine that you could save on resources if you used a server push instead of a client pull to accomplish it. Especially with the whole web 2.0 thing, a lot of services are becomming instant-reaction in nature, expecting frequent and small updates which could be delt with far more effectivly with push.

I know, firewalls and NAT and all that jazz make it difficult, but really with upnp being a decent possibility (although I don't particularlly like it, it has advantages, it needs some sort of auth system really) it seems like it would be possible to allow push. At least offer it for people intending to use a lot of calls and let them worry about how to punch holes in the firewall, or provide you a webservice on their end to hit for the push notices. I don't even need the push to contain data really, just have it be a notification mechanism, it notifies the client to do a pull to fetch the new data. This seems like it could free up resources on both ends and on the internet in general, without really adding much complexity to things for the people who really need to use it.

I continue to dream, a dream where I could one day get status changes from dozens of services I use pushed to my various devices automatically. Or perhaps to a single server which could in turn update or notify my internal clients of the changes as needed.

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