The Mysteries of Bluetooth

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Personally I never understood how bluetooth didn't really take off. I don't recall it being that expensive, and functionally it works decently. I think it got stuck in a sort of chicken/egg problem, no one had it so manufacturers were reluctant to include it even if it was cheap, which also created the people didn't have it problem.

Then it slowly starts to take off, and somehow some people get the brilliant idea to create bluetooth profiles, most of which are wildly incompatible with each other and also causes some devices which clearly should have some profiles to not work with other devices.

I really like the idea, and it would be wonderful if bluetooth stacks and devices were a lot more prevalent... and if you could easily change profiles on devices when newer ones come along or need updating. My phone can't do stereo bluetooth headsets because its only got a profile for mono, thats dumb, and unfixable thanks to the bluetooth stack on it.

Just another of my, where did it go technology questions. I have some more interesting things I am working on, hopefully I can post them up soon. 

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